School Project

When we moved to this area in 1992 we started supporting the local primary school which was quiet small. We managed to get funding from the World Bank to build a new and bigger school. Since then we have been funded by a Swedish group who pay an extra four teachers’ salaries (who take a class of about 80 students). The Swedish group also built the teachers accommodation on site.

We get some funding towards the stationery which helps immensely. However running a school takes a lot more finance. There are always more books and stationery required.

We set up a children’s food forest, which is a concept that has been very popular in school’s in Zimbabwe. It encourages children to learn about agriculture and all the trees and plants that are grown are edible. This helps the children with free fruit and more importantly nutrition. Nutrition is one of the biggest problems that children have as the lack of it means the children are not able to concentrate and learn to their fullest capacity.

We rely on clients coming through Makuzi Beach for donations for the school. A visit to the school is always welcomed with great delight.

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