Village Involvement

In order to assist the community in setting up their own projects we raised money for the building of the Cultural Museum called Chikimbuso (means Rememberance). This museum was set up to help children and adults to remember their own culture as well as having a place that tourists can visit and learn more about the village. The village walk is run by the community and is well worth it to get a real feel for life in Malawi. Other than the village and museum you are also shown around the mission graves and church.The fishermen run the boat tours to the island and to where the fish eagles live.Our tree planting project is an ongoing project run by us. Since 2004 we have planted more than a quarter million trees in the surrounding areas and at 4 different schools. Sponsoring a few trees also goes a long way.If you are interested in any of the projects please feel free to contact us. We have a volunteer program which is open to all.
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